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“And this one thing is what gives the confidence, however out of place this confidence might seem, to be absolutely unworried about the permanence of this bond. How can you somehow lose your reflection?” - Vikram

Things I overheard from myself…

I like thinking. Except when things at work keep me insanely busy to the point of exhausting every mental pore – I love thinking. In the shower, under warm covers, driving along green tinged roads and even while waiting for certain meetings to end, I am constantly thinking. Intensity might vary – but the stream of thought is constant.

Children have an elegance to their thought process. Lot’s of people might mistake it for simplicity – but the truth is that they have the capacity to cut through a lot of fuzziness and arrive at startlingly refreshing questions. I miss being able to think that way at all times – but when I can, I try to hold on to those thoughts before they disappear.

Alan Alda was my commencement speaker at Caltech. I hosted him (along with my dear friend Lavi) at my banquet table the night before, and he was absolutely charming, endearing and smart. I love the title of his book “Things I overheard while talking to myself”. This here is the start of a category of thoughts of the type that I mentioned above, under a title thus inspired: Things I overheard while thinking to myself..

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