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“And this one thing is what gives the confidence, however out of place this confidence might seem, to be absolutely unworried about the permanence of this bond. How can you somehow lose your reflection?” - Vikram

Quick Notes from the PDC

  • Great Win 7 demo. For those of us who is into UX, the new UI features are outlined here. Great Touch UI improvements. My next laptop HAS to be a convertible with multi-touch (along with the digitizer). I saw most praise from the audience for the stability and performance improvements. Also high approval for  UAC becoming less annoying. Much better multi mon support (including multimon over RDP). Native VHD support – including virtualization.  WMP natively supports Divx, AAC etc.
  • Mediacenter 7 is evolutionary. H.264, TV pack etc will all be included. The UX has a more ‘Zune’ish feel to it.
  • Office Web Applications has been announced. IE, Firefox and Safari.  Lots of Mesh based syncing in office overall. Blogs and web pages can suck in information through REST APIs to render charts and other office data objects inline.
  • Mesh Live Services – super cool demo by BBC showing off iplayer via Mesh. Pause a video on the desktop and resume on the phone. Lots and lots of social scenarios – harvesting friend preferences.
  • BTW, for Azure (aka Red Dog – the cloud computing platform) announced yesterday – the CTP usage limits are: Total compute usage: 2000 VM hours, Cloud storage: 50 GB, Total storage bandwidth: 20 GB/day. See below for an overview of the Strata stack and what’s above/below it.  Below Azure (not pictured) is GFS (Global Foundational Services).


Stay tuned for more.


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