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Business Models for India – Recycling

There are two kinds of disappointments to those with an entrepreneurial bent. One – the “in retrospect” kind and another – the “ideated but un-executed” kind. The first kind is where you look at something that just happened and say “that is so obvious”, and the second kind is where you look at something and say “I came up with this n years ago but it never went beyond the boundaries of my mind”. Given that both these situations are rather painful – I have decided to start sharing thoughts and ideas that pop into my mind that might be of some entrepreneurial value. If not me, maybe someone would like to make them happen. At the least, they are out here – rather than go stale in my head. Here is the first of this series:image

One of the easier ways to become successful in an increasingly flat world is to identify a new market that has deep parallels to a mature one – understand the deltas and trends really well and apply the lessons learnt from the mature market to the new one. With that in mind, I think recycling is going to be a HUGE business in India. If I were an entrepreneur or investor looking to make an investment I would make one in the trash and recycling business. I know of many stories where people made millions in this business in the developed world. The same story could be easily emulated in a place like India. I saw some smaller trash picking operations while I was in Hyderabad and there are some global trash companies investing – but someone local with deeper pockets and a good understanding of the human resource situation who executes systematically would be able to reap huge rewards in a place like India. Some interesting execution points would be to (a) lobby government to bring about trash and recycling laws (b) make big pushes in terms of creating a brand name that is clearly associated with trash and recycling (like xerox is to copying) (c) create a profit sharing franchisee model to tap into the large low cost work force.

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  1. We are Tarwinz Group of companies dealing in interior architecture and computer based training . We have full infrastructure back up with manpower. Our industrial complex is located at Industrial Focal Point Mohali, Chandigarh. We want to venture in to disposal of E waste. How do we get started? Any specific training required.

  2. naveen
    Mar 26th 2012

    hi friends,
    I like to start recycling business.Plesae provideme more information which you can share.
    1.How much inverstment need to start this business.
    2.How much area required to start this business.
    3.How many employee needed for this business.

    Please provide me the information

  3. dear sir,
    we are intrested in any type of recycling projects in raipur [c.g.],please give details of all type of recycling projects.

    gopichand shadija

  4. sandeep
    May 20th 2012

    Dear Friends

    I am interested into recycling business, is there any kind of franchising option? please suggest me how much investment required to start this business in Ahmedabad?

    Please write me on

    Thanks and regards,
    Sandeep Pandya

  5. Surya prakash
    May 23rd 2012

    i am deeply interested in recycling business ,can any one give information about it,and u can call me for joinig in the business

  6. We are waste management & research company, also we provide consultancy services along with waste management equipments for green business activities.

    Especially we are working on Electronic Waste Recycling. We have developed an e-waste recycling plant & range of machines according to Indian market scenario. Our start up plant capacity is 1ton per day; it is especially for small scale recyclers & also provides more capacity plants.

    We are providing end to end consultancy. It includes Project report, Market analysis, Risk analysis, Technology, Process of recycling & assistance for pollution control board licensing process.

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    Sujit Kochrekar

  7. Rohith
    Jul 30th 2012

    Hi Friends, i am planning to start up mobile recycle business in India as fonebank which has its operation in UK. But don’t know how to and where to start, if any one have idea or worked on these kind of project kindly share their idea and help me out to get into it.

    i am also ready to be a part of business which is already started with small investment.

    Please mail me on

  8. Hi friends,

    This is Ankit Singhal from Delhi. First of all i would like to share my happiness with you all seeing such a good response for paper recycling. Cheers to the start of a new beginning.

    Our company is into the printing and paper industry since last two decades almost. Now being the youngest Director of my company I am planning to have something new and creative. Paper Recycling !!!!!!
    This was the phrase that came to my mind.
    Anyone who is sincerely interested in PAPER RECYCLING BUSINESS can contact me.

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