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LG’s C1 express Tablet makes an appearance

While I collate information for an update to my “In search of a perfect notebook” post, I stumbled upon something that looks very attractive: The LG C1 Express Tablet Convertible.

 The person who posted it claims its a prototype and from the stickers on the chassis it seems to support dedicated graphics. There is also mention of a SIM card slot for EDGE connectivity. FWIW a dealer chimed in on the same thread that the price is expected to be upwards of $2100 CAD if something like this ever makes it to the market.

Obviously this is a total rumor at this point (my standard disclaimer stands – i have no way to confirm or deny existence of such a device – I am just quoting whatever is posted on the web…) but if a tablet convertible designed along the lines of the very sexy LG T1 express I mentioned earlier turns up by Vista launch I will be very tempted to buy it as my next personal laptop.

Specs as quoted:

  • Intel Core Duo (Core 2?)
  • Nvdia dedicated graphics (7200?)
  • 10.x” widescreen
  • EDGE/GPRS integrated
  • Hopefully a HD faster than the one in T1

Engadget, TabletPCReview et al have more coverage and photos.

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