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Sadness in Mumbai

When I was a kid, discovering the wonders of the world and bubbling with all sorts of enthusiasm, I had an opinion on everything and confidence that every problem had a solution. One such instance where I felt strongly motivated to comment on something was the reaction in the press about the movie “Bandit Queen”.

I had written

“It is so much easier for someone who is at a distance from the suffering to not notice it – especially if it is systemic and happens over a time. It’s easy to ignore the thousands that die from poverty or hunger, from disease and negligence. The baby girls that were killed by their parents, the hundreds of women that were murdered by their in-laws, the thousands of farmers committing suicide from famine – none of these affect the news audience the way a single martyr brought to life in dramatic fashion on celluloid. It’s so much easier to identify with a single sufferer – especially when packaged up by a skillful director as entertainment.”

Whatever my then youthful observations were – I was reminded of this in the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts today. How different is the reaction after 9/11. I wonder if the blasts in Sri Nagar would have probably gone unnoticed by the majority of the world if not for the bigger blasts that happened in Mumbai. Every life is worthwhile – and we are being constantly reminded by these incidents how little value extremists tend to place on life 🙁

Whatever the catalyst, I do hope that the world will close ranks against such violence and support each other in building the more harmonious place that earth deserves to be.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is this: If you are trying to reach/find someone in Mumbai but don’t know how, some bloggers are coming to the rescue. The bloggers at Mumbai Help are helping out with connecting to folks in Mumbai.

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