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“And this one thing is what gives the confidence, however out of place this confidence might seem, to be absolutely unworried about the permanence of this bond. How can you somehow lose your reflection?” - Vikram

Robert moves on to the next adventure

The blog world is abuzz with news on my friend Robert leaving Microsoft. Robert is one of the key people who got me to come to Microsoft. Hearing about my conversations with Google, Robert architected one of the most rapidly scheduled meetings that I have been party to with the Virtual Earth team. The rest, as everyone likes to say, is history.

Robert gave me cause to believe that Microsoft is willing to embrace change to stay atop the innovation pyramid. He keeps pushing at the invisible boundaries to challenge the traditional ways of doing things. Who else would push (for) someone who has been doing things so far away from Microsoft to come to the company? Even though Robert is leaving, knowing him – I am sure he will continue to push those boundaries from the outside. My only advice to him as he sets out on the new venture – be willing to embrace the failures and know when you need to let go and reset. I wish you continuing success – but as you go back into the startup world, this is one lesson I learnt very early to great benefit.

Seattle will surely miss these friends of mine. Good luck Robert and Maryam!

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