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Asus Tablet and UMPC make an appearance at Computex

Just came across coverage of Asus’s offerings that were on display at Computex. PC Perspective has comprehensive coverage of Computex and here they have details on W7J, R1 tablet and the R2 UMPC.

This Asus R1 model is the upcoming release featuring the tablet PC concept, as you can easily see. It too has a 13.3″ screen and adds a hot swappable battery / hard drive bay for extended usage on the go. It uses the Intel Core Duo processor and the Intel 945GM chipset with integrated graphics.

While I am bummed about there being no discrete graphics option on the Tablet, I am very excited about the biometric and GPS integration into the R2.

One of the more unique features for the R2 is integrated GPS, seen as the flat antennae at the bottom of this picture. There are also two standard USB ports on the R2 as well; one of them you see along the top of the unit.

The technical specs on the R2 include a Celeron M ULV (ultra low voltage) CPU running at 900 MHz, 128 MB of DDR2-533 memory and anywhere from a 20GB to an 80GB hard drive.

Acer also apparently showed off their Ferrari notebooks especially the Ferrari 1000 that is inching up on my list. No mention of any battery life details though – that’s what holding it down πŸ™‚

Even more exciting is the Ferrari 1000 model that takes the Ferrari branding to a smaller, 12.1″ screen configuration. It still uses the new AMD Turion 64 X2 processor and weighs only 3.5 lbs loaded. The little devies to the right is a Bluetooh VoIP phone that hides away in the PCMCIA slot; even better is that the battery on the phone is recharged when docked as well.

There is mention of a MSI S271 model which seems to fall into the category of notebooks I am interested in:

The third notebook from MSI to use the Turion X2, the MSI S271 goes one more step down to a 12.1″ screen and a very light form factor. It uses the Radeon Xpress 1150 chipset with integrated graphics and weighs in under 4.2 lbs.

Some more info here.
There is a core duo version of this called MSI S262, but that seems to lack the discrete graphics.

Very cool!

I am excited to see some really nice laptops getting announced as Vista approaches… but it’s strange not to see convertible counterparts to many of these notebooks. The price differential has now come down, the utility of the tablet has been established especially for mobile professionals (and many other specialized pros), there are a ton more pen enabled applications and yet I am still waiting to see any kick-ass tablets/convertibles appear.

I am going to cherish the day when there will be on-demand self-designed notebook creation service πŸ™‚ I am going to design and get built the most ‘rad’ and usable tablet pc for my needs. I bet there are a thousand others who would do the same.

I updated my bigger post on my quest for the perfect notebook with the details about the new notebooks.

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