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Valuable Outlook Tools and Addins

Here is a list of outlook tools and addins i have tried/used or intend to try. I will try to highlight any free utilities that are likely to get the job done first – before ones that you need to purchase. If I recommend something to purchase – then be assured that it is something that is worth the price and a freeware alternative isn’t available. If I miss anything please feel free to post alternatives.

Duplicate Removers:

The latest I have tried and had good luck with is Easy2Sync for Outlook (freeware edition). The focus of this utility is not duplicate removal but the developer added duplicate detection and removal as a feature of the freeware edition. You need to follow an odd path to get to the duplicate removal step but its well worth it from what I have tested. It worked with Outlook 12.

Others in the category (Several of these didn’t work with Outlook 12):

  • Outlook Duplicate Items Remover (Doesn’t work in O12)
  • Outlook Duplicates Remover (ODR)
  • Article about removing duplicates (also links to a VBA Script to tag duplicate contacts)

Filing and Organization:

While I see a number of tools and methods (GTD etc) that allow you to start with an empty inbox and keep it empty – I am curious if there is one perfect tool to start with an overflowing inbox and quickly get it cleared. Here are some interesting tools in the area.

ClearContext (Not Free, Purchased): In theory this is an excellent idea for managing your inbox and prioritizing your email. I went for it mostly as an organizational tool in helping file my messages.

Speed Filer (Not Free, haven’t purchased it)

Auto-Mate (Not Free, haven’t purchased it): I would like to see if this one allows for organizing mails that are already sorted into folders using Inbox Rules. This would be particularly useful to move mailing list traffic into a local folder periodically.

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