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Blogging from Word 2007 Beta

A surprise feature inclusion in Word – and a very cool one at that. I couldn’t help but blog about it. I could easily configure it to accept wordpress as the provider and I am told that metaweblog pictures support will be included in future builds. Joe, congratulations on a great feature that I bet would be used heavily!

Chris has details on how to utilize this support to blog from OneNote. Question now would be whether we could rig up Outlook 2007 to do the same – since it uses Word as the editor. This would then make re-blogging very easy – as I use Outlook 2007 as my RSS reader.

Update (5/13/2006 11:17 AM):

I see that slashdot has coverage on this as well. Going through the comments there, I feel a need to make some of my own. While I don’t want to think of this as a rant against Slashdot – I want us to think about how meta moderation systems (which I am a huge fan of) could be improved to fix a problem like the one I am about to describe.

I have been a Slashdot regular since before I worked on open source stuff at Real. When I was at Real, getting my little team to push harder and harder to get a multimedia player that would be well loved by that crowd out of the door, there were so many days when it felt like we were banging out heads against a wall with no doors. It took every bit of my management skills to keep my young team motivated in spite of the flames that regularly appeared on the site.

Just as there are so many intelligent insights that could be gleaned from Slashdot – there always seem to be more blind and one-sided comments to make the experience of going on the site less worthwhile. Worse was that many of the comments were of the kind where anyone who has even a bit of understanding of what is being talked about could tell that those commenters didn’t even bother to look into the actual story. Here are some examples related to the current story:

This feature is so 2001…(Score:3, Interesting): Most blogging systems have some kind of web service now that allows integration with many editors. On my own site I manage updates and deletes through emacs (on Windows, no less). I’m curious to see if Word will support Blogger, which is owned by Google.

Works only with MS?(Score:2):I’m impressed, kind of. But I bet you can count on this thing working only or best) with MS products and services. That is, can I just configure the thing to FTP (or SFTP) to any web directory? Can I us any other product to edit it’s strange code? Must I upload to some crazy (but free!) MSN account? C’mon. Nothing’s free with these guys. It either is a strategic part of their plan to dominate the world or they don’t bother with it.

To anyone who actually read through Joe’s blog post – you would see that there is indeed support not just for Blogger but for other systems as well. There are always many such commenters who typically comment based on their pre-existing bias and the comments get rated up by other users who share such a bias. Maybe this is a positive for a site like Slashdot which wants to cater to as large a group of people as possible because it allows people who think similarly to feel satisfied about dissing something they collectively dislike. Nonetheless, that makes those comments a bit less relevant for someone like me – they aren’t very useful even if I was looking for constructive criticism since they criticize on principle rather than fact. It is tough to improve products based on that.

I think it might be worthwhile to consider a social network system to plug into the metamoderation system. I do believe Slashdot implemented a rudimentary form of it by allowing you to designate other users as friends. It would be interesting to see how far such a concept could be taken to meta-meta-moderate posts without losing important and constructive criticisms.


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  1. Iggy’s page above (and the blog) seems to have disappeared. So i am posting the cached version here:

    Vikram , wonders about Blogging from Word 2007 Beta. “Question now would be whether we could rig up Outlook 2007 to do the same – since it uses Word as the editor. This would then make re-blogging very easy – as I use Outlook 2007 as my RSS reader. Update (5/13/2006 11:17 AM): “…
    Yep Vikram, you can blog from outlook…
    See my article’s titled Outlook 2007 BlogThisOutlookAddin code ( and Outlook 2007 BlogThis Add-in

    Two interesting lines
    // using the blogTemplate custom template

    object oTemplate = “blogTemplate.docx”;

    oDoc = oWord.Documents.Add(ref oTemplate, ref oMissing,

    ref oMissing, ref oMissing);

    This simple code will wipe out an entire category in the software industry. Blogging tools and Blogging editors.

    This code creates a new document and brings it up in Word. The Add method allows you to specify the template to use. (see msdn) . blogTemplate.docx is the Word 2007 template for blogging.

    [Go read Joe’s post titled Blogging from Word 2007 ]

    Now that Word 2007 can blog, the 400 million paid users of Office can blog to all common blogging services, sharepoint, etc etc [Office has 400 millon paid users ], Somebody call justice…hehehe


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