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On the Go Goodness

In my product planning role some of the nicest moments are when I get the chance to sit and observe the delightful reaction of a user as they discover the ins and outs of a new product – it is nice to believe then that some planner/program manager/architect/sde at some point had intended exactly that reaction.

The other aspect of my role is the enjoyment I derive working with technology at it’s most personal – the mobile device. Phones and other mobile devices have now occupied the pivotal position in a majority of the world’s lives – even beyond a personal computer. So, some on the go goodness for the week: MSN Local Search PC-to-Mobile and the Vegas Personal Assistant.

MSN Local LogoVegas Personal Assistant Logo

As part of Live rollout – here comes a neat little PC/mobile interaction point: Local Search results on your mobile. In my friend Mike’s own words:

Starting today you can send search results from local search on the PC to your mobile device with just a couple of clicks.


Also, a comment on Mike’s post about this feature:

Mike, this absolutely kicks butt! I love it.
Btw, I especially love the feature where i do a live local search on my smartphone, then I can save the contact direct to my address book. This is the e2e integration i love to see. Keep up the good work.

More pics and details at this blog post.

Another very cool demonstration of local search enabled mobile technology is the Vegas Personal Assistant. Although it might bring up some interesting images to some people’s minds – this is a useful little demonstration site put together by one of our teams to coincide with the CTIA show in Las Vegas. Try it out on your mobile phone.



You can find buffets (like above), cabs and other interesting (what’s with the first result on there anyway?) things as you fancy using the site. Whip out you mobile phone and give it a try!

One more thing, a new windows mobile application that I have been helping with is about to go beta – Windows Live for Mobile. Details on how to signup for the beta are on Mike’s blog (Mike is the program manager for the app) as well.

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