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Conversations without Clothes…

I wanted to highlight the great party we (me and the cool tabletgirl Lora) went to tonight without resorting to using naked in a title line.

Robert and Shel (and their beautiful wives) were at the center of the party arranged by Buzz and thrown at the fabulous Dillow residence on the shores of Lake Washington. It was to celebrate the launch of their book on blogging: Naked Conversations.

It is a great pleasure to see such an unassuming guy like Robert featured on the cover of a book – doubly so as an author. I wish him and Shel well.

Beyond the book – there was a lot happening at the party. The house itself was a wonderful old place – with beautiful views of the lake and downtown seattle. When you are house hunting you often know to seperate rickety old houses out of the pile by looking for epithets such as “lot of character”, “historical value” etc. This house truly demonstrates how a TRUE representative of those phrases should be. The place oozes character having planned with meticulous care – every nook and corner are fully utilized and it has a highlight attic for kids to host their stayovers. John was a wonderful guide – and he showed off his collection of antique odds and ends from his worldwide travels.

Here are some more pics I took. Some more from Robert.

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