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Gadgetry in Las Vegas

Going from a typical (I am told – last year was dry and that’s an anomaly) wet winter of Seattle Las Vegas was a welcoming 60 degrees. Fitting even a small percentage of the CES show floor into my short trip meant very sore feet and back by the end of the day. There’s a lot of coverage of the gadgets and gizmos on many blogs so I will just outline a few things.

  • Tablet Land – The new Toshiba M400 (which is replacing the M200) was being shown with a very nice set of specs, highlights being 12″ screen with XGA/SXGA+, dual core processor, biometric sensor, built-in CDRW/DVD drive and about 4 hour battery life (and several more with an optional slice). A number of reactions in the tablet community are of disappointment at the integrated Intel graphics (instead of dedicated). What I learnt was that this was done for battery life reasons. There were some more folks reporting on the tabletpc forums that another reason might be a cramped keyboard due to the inclusion of the cd drive. If the CD drive was the only issue – I would have preferred a model with no cd drive and dedicated graphics. One other thing I did hear is that to support the Vista Glass interface you would need to use identical dual channel high performance RAM modules in the laptop. So it might be best to order the laptop preconfigured in that fashion (2×512 or 2x1GB sticks). In the end – I think I would be reasonably happy with decent Glass support (I don’t game on my laptops).
  • Screeeens, big Screeens – The place was filled, once again, with an insane number of big screens. Not too exciting from my POV – the biggest one that would work well in my living room is a 60″. Having said that – my current 42″ plasma is quite wonderful and enjoys hanging out with my 360.
  • MediaCenters and more – It was cool to see so many living room devices (other than those humongous TVs). There were a TON of mediacenter PC setups as well. On top of these – pretty much ever CE company seemed to be offering a media hub/reciever gizmo that allows you to get your media stored on your PCs to your TV. I will set about doing a comparitive review one of these days since I am still looking for a way to get my media collection to the front room.
  • Ipodding? – I didn’t see any official Apple presence (they might have been in the other 90% of the show floor) but every other booth seemed to have another fairly useless vaguely ipod related accessory.

I will post some pics later on.

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