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Microsoft’s Top 10 11 Challenges for 2006

A fairly decent list of challenges for Microsoft that Directions Mag has listed out for 2006.

Microsoft’s Top 10 Challenges for 2006

    Take Vista into the Boardroom
    Lead on Application Security and Reliability
    Deliver Clarity on Managed Solutions
    Get Going on Tools
    Refresh the Online Strategy, Again
    Small and Medium Business: Get Beyond Naming
    Make a Systems Management Downpayment
    Reengineer Engineering for Clearer Roadmaps
    Xbox 360 Final Death Match Challenge
    Licensing: Value for the Money

Let me add another closer to home:

Create a vibrant WindowsMobile ecosystem that balances the needs of the entire spectrum of consumers:
Enterprise users to High technology adopters to Average phone users. The challenge would be to figure out how to build the solution set that offers the best possible platform, the best possible applications and services and above all the best possible experience to all these customers. Is it going to be tough to do? You bet! Is it possible? YES!

This is why I don’t need any resolutions to get me through yet another year – this is going to be the most exciting yet! 🙂

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