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Rounding out my Xbox 360

Here are some first impressions of my Xbox 360.

  • Very polished product – definitely shows that its a v2 device/UI
  • Still not sure that the shape/design is really all that sexy – but it’s a personal preference
  • Very responsive – the UI is superb for navigation
  • HD Support is fantastic – PGR3 looks delectable, Halo 2 no less so
  • The little remote that comes with it can navigate and input in a surprisingly comprehensive fashion
  • Very excited about the media extender capabilities (not setup my MCE stuff yet) – still bummed that the extender technology doesn’t support mpeg4/divx/h264
  • As I earlier predicted – Xbox Live & Marketplace is going to be da bomb. It’s an amazingly addictive experience.
  • I was disappointed in the non-asynchronous non-parallel nature of some of the functionality – you cannot (as far as i can tell) continue downloading something from Live in the background. You have to be at the download screen for it to complete. The moment you switch away – your download gets paused
  • Some of the UI navigation could be pruned to less steps. The number of steps to download and watch a trailer could be pruned down
  • Game saves from the previous xbox are not compatible when playing that game on the 360. That is my number 1 bummer.
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