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Monkeying with IE

Not like IE’s popularity hasn’t made it the favorite target of script kiddies… but here is what could be termed as “Greasemonkey for IE”. I would love to hear Josh‘s comments on the security issues around this.

From the page:

Trixie is to Internet Explorer as Greasemonkey is to Firefox. It lets you remix the Web via scripts. You may do this to either make it more readable, fix bugs or to even add little features to make the site more usable to you. Trixie by itself does none of this. It is just a plugin for Internet Explorer that enables executing chunks of JavaScript code and thus lets you use the Web the way you want to use it.

It claims to run many Greasemonkey scripts, but your mileage may vary since they were originally written for Firefox. If you try out any scripts and they work with IE can you please post it in the comments below as a reference.

I often wonder if there is an easy way to tell the distinction between “good” & “bad” script kiddies.

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