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“And this one thing is what gives the confidence, however out of place this confidence might seem, to be absolutely unworried about the permanence of this bond. How can you somehow lose your reflection?” - Vikram

Everyone calls it Hotlanta..

I am spending the week at the Microsoft Global Briefing in Atlanta. It feels most like Chennai weather… above 90 F (32 C) and humid. Even more fun was watching the CEO of one of the world’s largest software companies go absolutely bonkers on stage and in the crowd. It was great fun – I read someone who had written why Steve Ballmer did the right thing when he jumped and screamed “Developers.. Developers..” repeatedly a couple of years back. I now see the wisdom in those words – it’s really amazing to see this man come on stage at the end of a 11 hour day and get more than ten thousand delegates psyched about the future.
I had to drop off at the earlier paragraph and save the draft because Robert was ready to head out to dinner (he was “prepping” for his blog panel tomorrow – if you would really call sitting and reading an insane number of newsfeeds that) and we zoomed over to the Hyatt to meet up with Mike Hall and co. Over drinks (and dinner) we had a fun discussion about myriad things – the most interesting of which was speculation about the Apple-Intel deal. Everyone agreed that Robert had hit the nail on the head here.

IBM’s inability to get Apple high-performance, low heat, and low power chips played a part here. Now that Apple’s going with Intel, will we see some innovative portable devices from Apple?

It would be fun to keep an eye on what sort of x86 tablet laptop the other Steve conjures up this time around.

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