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Virtual Earth “Launch”

Here is a quick update…

I have started at Microsoft (details later), endured a ton of dark side jokes (thanks to starting around episode III release), gone through my first re-org and ended up adding a second asset to an already fantastic role. All the details will have to wait just a teeny while longer but this tidbit just couldn’t…

The VE team went out to the “launch pad” today and launched an Estes rocket to take the team photo. The space for VE also launched recently and has now been updated with the videos that came out of this launch.

VE Launch!

Chandu has a great update from Where 2.0 conference (including some nice photos) where the keynote speech was focused on what to expect in VE.

Virtual Earth features:
– Beginnings of a rich immersive map experience
– Street and label enhanced aerial maps
– Layering of local search information (Multiple search queries)
– Personalization (Scratchpad)
– Community sharing of experiences (E-mail and MSN Spaces)
– And more at launch…

Virtual Earth for developers:
– Free for non-commercial use
– Easy to use Jscript Map control
– URL API and Permalinks make linking easy
– Developer Portal to coincide with launch of the Website
– Documentation, code samples, tutorials, discussions
– App gallery for developers to show off their applications

OrbImage Partnership:
– Exclusive worldwide satellite coverage
– Access to extensive worldwide image library
– Image base for Virtual Earth international
– Important element of immersive experience
– Underlying reference for traditional map view
– Coming to Virtual Earth in fall 2005

And as the blog post on the VE space says, the web launch is “very soon now”. So here’s to that!

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