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Evolving the Tablet UI

The Experience Pack for the Tablet PC has just moved the Tablet UI a small step closer to where it should have been already.

The boon and bane of Microsoft seems often that they are compelled to stick to a familiar (read Windows) UI irrespective of how radically different a UI could have been given the form factor. This has been a complaint from me – that shoehorning the windows UI onto a Tablet experience meant that the UI designers couldn’t take the best shot at a Tablet experience. This was one of the strongest plusses going for my Tablet software startup at Caltech – we were not bound by the windows UI limitations and were able to design a pure Tablet experience.

Look for a future detailed comment on how the Tablet Experience Pack improves the Tablet UI.

Ink Desktop
Take notes directly on your desktop for quick and easy access later. Jot down a phone number, directions, or top priorities for the day.

Snipping Tool
Use your tablet pen to select a portion of a website, document, or other content on your screen. You can add handwritten comments and then paste it into an e-mail message or other program.

Ink Art
Paint with your tablet pen using Ink Art, which simulates an artist’s toolset. Choose from different textured canvases, paint brushes, chalks, crayons, and more.

Media Transfer
Copy or stream media files from your home computer to your Tablet PC, so that you can enjoy your favorite music, home videos, or digital photo albums wherever you go.

Ink Crossword
Solve crosswords on your Tablet PC with your tablet pen. Twelve puzzles come with the game. You can also download a free daily puzzle and purchase more puzzle packs online.

Energy Blue Theme Pack
Brighten the look of your Tablet PC desktop, Start menu, windows, and toolbars. Also get a new Windows Media Player skin that’s customized for the Tablet PC.

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