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Adam is Trying to Relax – Browsers aren’t letting him…

This resonates big time with what I have been thinking about in terms of browser and related technology.

Relax, Everything Is Deeply Intertwingled
Firefox (finally) gave me undo in my < textarea >, which is tremendously useful. Please don’t stop there. Let me save. Actually, save automatically for me. Let me search. Actually, let me search-and-replace. Let me spellcheck. But only when *I* want to spellcheck. Let me define shortcuts. Actually, let me…

Adam, I feel your pain. When there is talk about “Rich” web applications, they really should create features that mean it.

Anyway, for now, maybe this would help you and Clay with textareas: Scribe for Firefox

As for sessionsaver – again, I agree. A combination of sessionsaver and scrapbook should be able to do this.

UndoCloseTab helps when you closed something that you didn’t mean to.

With Firefox being open, IE trying to make a come back and rumors of the GBrowser – I have great hopes that these will all be addressed.


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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for installing Elvgren as the theme on your site. Just an FYI, I posted an update bringing this to version 1.02 that fixes a NASTY windows IE bug. You can download the whole package but the only thing that really needs to be uploaded is the style.css file for the theme.

    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks a bunch Denis. Glad to see you fix this awesome theme.


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