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Tablet Kits

I would like to see some “kits” made available for the Tablet. Equip the MVPs and other evangelists with various kits and send them onto the masses.

For instance, equip my tablet with a Student kit when I go visit campuses. When I install the “kit” I should get all the essential tools that make that tablet perfect for a student to use (or as close as we can get today). Maybe some nifty things like Orange Guava should be included in all kits just for the “ooh” factor.

Equip the tablet with a Doctor Kit for those who tend to rub shoulders with doctors most. There can be many more kits.. the Developer kit, the Manager kit, the IT guy kit, the EE kit, the Kidz kit, the Foreign Language kit, the Podcaster kit and so on.

Users always need to see a tool that benefits them personally. They shouldn’t have to stretch their minds and imagination to figure out the basic ways in which this raw material (called the Tablet) be harnessed for their use. They should be able to see it with their eyes and say “Wow, I need that!”
The best way to accomplish this is by showing them the Tablet customized for their field.

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