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Miguel in town, Nat posts some cool Beagle demos, Update on Beagle for windows

Went to a cool Eritrean place for dinner and to hang out with Miguel (and a bunch of Mono fans) since he is in town for a few days. Interesting discussions ensued about whether “Thick” applications were getting outmoded by “offline-aware” “Thin” “Rich” web-applications. * phew *

In other news, nat’s put up a few cool demos of Beagle (the desktop search tool that is being worked on by those in the Gnome, Mono and Novell communities) and Mono. nat friedman: some demos of simple activities in Beagle and Mono. I will be keenly watching where Beagle goes… and how it impacts Dashboard.

It is also fun to note that two of the coolest projects in the Linux community are named after dogs πŸ˜‰ (The upcoming version of Helix/Real Player is called Balto )

Also, here is some info on the progress of Beagle for windows:
Beagle for Windows


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  1. Wish I’d been there, & would love to catch up soon, Vikram! Will you be at CTIA?

  2. No Elaine.. sadly not. I have been travelling too much lately and now it’s time to work heads down on the next versions of the products. Like we talked on IM, let’s get together at your shiny new place once you are back – and I will help you with your wifi. πŸ™‚


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