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Beagle: Opensource Super Searching Goodness

A few linuxworlds ago I had a wonderful conversation with some friends at Ximian/Novell about smart searching that could take into account a great amount of meta data that today’s searches ignore.

This project is the answer to that question – the team’s been working on creating a context aware, multiple domain search engine and it has just reached 0.0.4.

Beagle is a search tool that ransacks your personal information space to find whatever you’re looking for.

Also check Nat’s Dashboard page.

Update (Dec 12, 2004):
From the comments…

Fredrik Hedberg Says:
December 12th, 2004 at 7:30 pm e
Win32 port stuff is here:


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  1. are there any plans to port this tool to windows ?

    See my Blog on Desktop Search Tools

  2. Amit,
    This question is best directed towards Nat and the rest of the team. At present I am not aware of any specific plans for a windows port. Some of the technologies have windows counterparts and some are specific to linux. The ideas and the framework are universal though – so there is no reason why one couldn’t join the project and help create a windows version.
    Hope this helps,

  3. Christopher
    Dec 12th 2004

    Yes, targeting Windows is a goal of the project. There has been a bit of preliminary work in doing this. Though I think the main issues before this can happen are porting D-BUS to windows and getting file change notification working universally across platforms.

  4. Win32 port stuff is here:

  5. Fabulous. Thanks for the link Fredrik.


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