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RealNetworks Announces New Versions of RealPlayer for Linux and Mac OS X

Both my teams had major releases this month.

RealNetworks Announces 13 New Versions of RealPlayer for Linux and Mac OS X for Europe And Asia
New Distribution Agreement with Leading Linux Developer in Asia solidifies RealPlayer as the Top Media Player for Linux Desktop; Points to Another Development Success for Helix Community.

It is always nice to see the efforts of a team – especially one as diverse and virtual as mine (at least on the Linux front) be acknowledged. After months of hardwork, voluntary contribution from internal employees and many external contributors my team has delivered what I personally believe is the best Linux streaming multimedia player ever produced. Even better, it is also the real player that has support for the most languages ever. My design focus for this release was to keep it simple, make sure it fits well into the environment and doesn’t try to do what the user doesn’t ask of it to. Also, the experience starts not from when you launch the player but from when you think about getting it… and we have improved that too, thanks to the hardworking web team.
RP Linux
The amazing effect of “community” is now showing it’s magic as I am steadily expanding my network of business relationships (and friendships) to places such as Boston/Utah all the way to Beijing/Tokyo, sharing a common goal of creating the best multimedia experiences for end users. To all the friends of Linux Multimedia worldwide – thank you! Ever comment, suggestion and criticism was welcome and very valuable.

It is harder to juggle words here about my multiple responsibilities (I work on both Linux and Mac players as well as the Open Source efforts) than it was actually juggling the design and development of these players. So, without calling out which one is my first love – I would also like to say how much fun we had with the new RealPlayer 10 for Mac product. MacRPThe kudos from the users have been rolling in – and again, I believe (as do all those emails) that this is indeed the best Mac streaming multimedia player ever produced.

I am very happy to be working with such wonderful teams. It once again shows what small passionate teams can achieve.

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