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Not very live from WWDC…

Figured I would throw my hat in to the ring and forecast what the enigmatic turtlenecked leader would announce tomorrow, and of that – what might be of particular interest to  me…
1) Mac OS – “Hobbes” : I would buy a copy of the new version of Mac OS if they really did call it “Hobbes” and did nothing else of note. They should certainly be running out of big cat names by now… so it’s got to be Hobbes or Garfield..right? In any case – I would be very curious to see if and what would be previewed towards the next version of Mac OS. It’s feeling somewhat stale at this point – and I rarely leave Windows 7 these days. Is there enough coming to capture my interest?

2) Macbook Air refresh: While it wowed a handful of folks back when it came out – it was followed by quite a few very impressive laptops (in fact – the Lenovo X301 I use these days is phenomenal) that stole all the thunder. I would be curious to see how this ultraportable evolves.

3) Free Mobile Me: This has been making the rounds – a free tier of mobile me. I suppose it makes sense.  Activesync is one of the least heralded yet compelling technologies from MS.

Safari update, iphone refresh and potential price cuts (i think ipads will drop in price – but perhaps not tomorrow) are the other possibilities…

May 22nd 2010
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The propensity to dream…

The sun broke out of the clouds then, and it filled the world with sunshine. A few small earthern lamps had filled a boy's hearts with hope in a dilapidated temple decades back. The same brightness and warmth now pervaded the hearts of everyone magnified - from the boy to ...
May 14th 2010
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Things I overheard from myself: Cosmetic Testing

I understand the reasoning behind why animal testing needed to be banned. A question that popped in my head this morning was - if animal testing is gone, what is the alternative? How do cosmetic (and other) manufacturers test to make sure their product does not have short and long ...
May 14th 2010
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Things I overheard from myself…

I like thinking. Except when things at work keep me insanely busy to the point of exhausting every mental pore - I love thinking. In the shower, under warm covers, driving along green tinged roads and even while waiting for certain meetings to end, I am constantly thinking. Intensity might ...
June 11th 2009
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Instant Translations in Bing

The Bing instant answer feature powered by Microsoft Translator went live yesterday. I wanted to highlight some tips and caveats. On availability: This has currently been rolled out to all English and Spanish speaking markets. Other language markets will follow shortly. You get the instant answer if your to: ...
March 16th 2009
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Counting down to MIX 09

Our team members have started descending into Las Vegas for MIX09. I will be reaching tomorrow morning, and will be in prep for our sessions and announcement. You can follow the action on twitter. I recall being very impressed with the very first MIX, what with the convergence of designer ...


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